Tips to Prepare for Maharashtra Board Class 10 English

Tips to Prepare for Maharashtra Board Class 10 English
Tips to Prepare for Maharashtra Board Class 10 English

English is considered the global language and the most widely spoken. If you are an English language expert, you can conquer the world as it comes with lots of advantages. It helps students enhance their career prospects because we need English in our professional life. It also opens up many opportunities for students to study in a credible English school.

Learning the English language will help you in academics and your professional life. So, students should give importance to the subject of English and should not overlook it in any circumstances. Maharashtra Board students should give equal importance to the English subject as other major subjects, maths, science, etc. While preparing for their Class 10 English exam, students should primarily focus on the grammar section, the most scoring part. If you correctly answer all the questions in this section, then the chances of scoring marks will be high.

English is an essential subject/language that students should not deprioritise. Students generally neglect the subject of English and divert their attention to the mainstream subjects. But, students should remember that one should know how to read, write, and speak English in the current scenario. When it is about learning English, students should emphasise the grammar section and then the literature part.

The English subject plays a significant role in increasing students’ overall scores in Class 10 board exams. Students must pay equal attention to English, similar to the mainstream subjects like maths, science and social science. To score good marks in their English exam, students should refer to textbooks, syllabus, sample papers, and previous years’ papers. Maharashtra Board prescribed textbooks for all subjects such as Maharashtra State Board 10th std books pdf English medium.

If you want to perform your best in the board exams this year, find our helpful tips and tricks to score high in the English exam.

4 Ways to Score Good Marks in English Exam

1. Stick to the English syllabus

Students are advised to study only those topics mentioned in the syllabus. In this way, they will study in the right direction and not divert from the topic. It will help them keep track of topics they have learnt and need to be covered. By knowing the English syllabus, students can plan their strategy and create a study schedule for themselves.

2. Create notes

It is better to study from self-created notes. So, students must build a habit of creating their notes. These notes will be more helpful during the revision time. Students can quickly get to know the summary of the chapter. For example, by going through the chapter-wise summaries, students can memorise the entire chapter or poem. Thus, they can prepare for the exam in a better way.

3. Manage time properly

Time management is very crucial in the exam. If students know the answers to all the questions but cannot attempt the entire paper, they will score low marks. So, it’s essential to have time management skills. Students must know how much to write for a particular question depending on its marks allocation. They can improve their time management skills by solving the sample papers or model papers before the exam. While solving the sample papers, students must stick to the timing mentioned in the paper. They should attempt it seriously by considering it as the actual question paper.

4. Revise before the exam


When students have completed the entire textbook and covered the syllabus, they should start with the revision part. It would be better if students had at least one month for the revision. At this time, they should go through all other chapters’ summaries. Also, they should revise the exercise questions and authors’ names. To understand the difficulty level of the exam and the types of questions asked in the English paper, students must solve the past years’ papers.

English cannot be studied in a day. Practising it through writing, reading, listening, and speaking is the best way to gain mastery over the language. Reading the prescribed textbooks such as the 7th std English textbook Maharashtra board pdf will help you achieve excellent marks. You must aim to enjoy, and your aim of scoring will come true.

We wish all the best to students in their exam preparation!

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