The 4 Best Robin Williams Movies You Need to Watch

Robin Williams: We are dead sure that most of you are familiar with this name, as it brings with it some funny memories and movies from our childhood. Robin is remembered for a lot of things, but most of all, he is remembered as the voice of Genie in Aladdin, the animated Disney film. For others, he might be remembered as the loving father who disguises himself as Mrs. Doubtfire, or the wise Theodore Roosevelt who repeatedly advises the night watchman to help him adjust to his new job. 

There is no doubt that he brought joy to millions of fans around the world and yet, he had a very sad and abrupt end by suicide. And even to this day, it’s very saddening to think he has left this world. Nonetheless, we can still appreciate his movies and his life’s work and the best way to do that is by binge-watching some of his greatest movies! 

Below, we have put together a list of some of the best movies you can watch in remembrance of the great man!

  1. Hook

We all know Peter Pan, the little boy from Neverland that never grew up. Well, as it turns out, Peter does grow up, marries Wendy’s granddaughter, and becomes a workaholic. His name is now Peter Banning and he has forgotten all about his past and is the complete opposite of the boy he was when in Neverland. He is leading life as a successful lawyer and is very unimaginative. 

So, when his long-time nemesis, Captain Hook, comes and kidnaps his children, Peter has no choice but to go back to Neverland to save them. In doing so, he starts to reclaim his memories of Peter Pan and this leads to an everlasting change inside him.

Robin Williams is Peter Pan in this movie and while this movie was not so well-received by many when it was first released, it has mixed reviews to this day. Well, we would suggest that if you haven’t watched it, you should definitely give it a try to see how you like it. 

  1. The Night at the Museum

The night at the museum is an interesting film about a museum coming to life at night due to an ancient magical tablet. The newly appointed night watchman, Larry Daley, is not aware of this, and when he sees everything come to life, from the skeleton of the tyrannosaurus rex to the mummy of the pharaoh, to say he is shocked would be an understatement. Considering it’s a museum, he gets the opportunity of meeting many well-known figures in history like Sacagawea, the famous female explorer, who helped Lewis and Clark to achieve their mission of exploring the Louisiana Territory. 

Other than that, he also meets Theodore Roosevelt, often known as Teddy, the 26th president of the United States. This character is played by Robin Williams and he is the one to guide, help, and advise Larry on his troubles and more. He tells him about the tablet and advises him to learn more about the historical figures to be able to deal with them. Besides him, Larry meets Christopher Columbus, Attila the Hun, an Easter Island Moai, and others. 

The movie has 2 sequels continuing the story of Larry Daley and the museum. These two are also worth watching!

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is undoubtedly one of Robin William’s best roles. The story follows a recently single mother, her children, and how she is looking for a nanny to look after the kids when she is at work. Due to her husband, Daniel Hillard, not having a stable job and being unreliable, she files for divorce, and the court grants her sole custody of the kids, and shared custody, only once Daniel has a stable job. 

Daniel, in a desperate attempt to see his children, disguises himself as an old woman, looking for a job as a nanny. His ex-wife, Miranda, is impressed by the “Mrs. Doubtfire” and decides to call her for an interview. After a successful interview, Miranda hires Mrs. Doubtfire and lets the kids know about it too.

At first, the kids aren’t very receptive to the nanny, but knowing his kids well, he is able to bond with them very slowly. This continues until they figure out that Mrs. Doubtfire is indeed their father and so, they seem to get along and mutually keep the secret. But of course, everything has to come to light in the end and that’s exactly what happens. Nonetheless, we get a happy ending at the end of the movie, which we won’t spoil for you. So, go on, turn on the TV, and watch the movie!


  1. Aladdin

This is one we’re pretty sure you have seen as a child. Released in 1992, this Disney movie has made its way into the hearts of children and adults alike and has stayed there since then. There was even a live-action remake of this movie but here, we are talking about the animated version. 

Robin Williams voiced the ever-loving, funny and reliable Genie! And honestly, who doesn’t like the Genie? The reason Robin Williams was the only one who could pull off this role is because of the energy and life he brought to the character. The character is not just what you see on the screen, but it is the voice actor’s energy and acting skills that make the character who they are. 

With this role, Robin Williams left quite an impression on people around the world and even received the honorary Golden Globe award. The character was also designed to be very much like the actor himself, which is why everything fit perfectly. Unfortunately, Robin Williams was no more with us when the live-action remake was in production, otherwise, who knows? We might have had the opportunity to see him act out his iconic character and bring it to life, once more, in the movie!

Where Can I Watch Them?

After the names of the movies, the next thing you need is the information regarding where you can watch these movies. Spectrum Streaming TV is a great option, however, if you haven’t subscribed to such a service, you can even watch these on cable TV. 

You can enjoy them on TV channels like USA Network, Disney Channel, etc. You will find that these channels are part of the Spectrum Select Channels. So, you can still enjoy these movies without having streaming TV and with just regular cable TV. 

The Ending Note

Undoubtedly, Robin Williams was one of the few celebrities whose death shocked the world a lot more than many others. Not only was it completely unexpected, but it was of a man loved by a huge audience for the longest time. 


But, let’s not be sad by remembering him and instead, remember him as the happy man he was and enjoy his movies and all he had to offer us!


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